Oct 20

Importance of Proper HVAC Maintenance

Facility Managers know that regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance using preventive maintenance tools such as Building Maintenance Software is a proven way to control cost, but many small and mid sized facilities will change filters on a regular basis, but continue to wait until their HVAC equipment breaks before they fix it.

Approaching HVAC system maintenance this way is troubling due to the important role that HVAC systems have in modern facilities today.  HVAC systems in commercial buildings are accountable for more than 40 percent of total energy use.  When you keep the HVAC systems running at peak efficiency, money is saved automatically.

HVAC system maintenance is much more than controlling energy use and Tenants depend on properly operating systems for more than comfort.  The proper HVAC system maintenance can help a building remain “healthy” but preventing mold build up and maintaining adequate indoor air quality.

Most small to mid sized facilities underfund maintenance and reactive maintenance remains the norm.  In many cases the reason for not performing routine preventive maintenance is lack of resources.  However, when you look at the potential cost savings that can reduce total maintenance costs by up to 30%, along with the benefits of improved energy efficiency and maintaining a “healthy” building, it becomes much easier to justify HVAC preventive maintenance.