Oct 19

Equipment Management Solutions using a CMMS

Tracking and maintaining equipment within commercial facilities helps building owners manage all types of equipment and produce alerts when service is needed.  A CMMS System ensures equipment is properly maintained and saves time by tracking required maintenance activities.

The benefits of a CMMS system provide quick and easy access to records, service history, and product provider information.  Using a paper based system has limits as far as managing activities in real time and for managers to be reviewing the system quickly and effectively.

Automatic alerts via email and text messaging are provided for maintenance activities with a web and wireless based system.  Supervisors can quickly track deficiencies and information with all employees responsible for the various equipment.

A proper tracking  system allows managers to simply enter the equipment information once into the system and access the maintenance schedule.  The system will notify you of upcoming and past due events each time you open the web-based software.  With a web based system, multi users are able to track equipment process, costs and equipment lifetime all at once.